Are federal judges out to get President Trump?

It's not just the Democratic Party and the media versus President Trump, it's much of the federal judiciary, too. No matter what the President tries it seems a federal judge is there to rule against it. Some believe this opposition is worse for President Trump than any other president.

South Texas College of Law Houston Constitutional law Professor Gerald Treece says they're doing what the founders intended.

"They are to keep a check on the Executive Branch and Congress.

Professor Treece says since they're not elected and they serve for life, we expect the federal judges to be trustworthy.

"I hope that James Madison was right; that they'd be the fairest referees because they're not subject to the political fight."

But Professor Treece says the President's enemies have been smart in getting liberal judges to rule on the actions they oppose.

"The people challenging the President are smart enough to find jurisdiction in California, the Ninth Circuit, in New York, the Second Circuit, or in the District of Columbia to challenge and talk in terms of whatever the issues are."

The latest examples are a ruling against a health insurance rule for immigrants and the release of the President's tax returns.

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