Houston author uncovers hidden Halloween haunts, history, terrifying tales

Looking for something scary to do for Halloween?

Houston author William Dylan Powell reveals 90 lesser-known aspects of Houston.

Secret Houston uncovers hidden Halloween haunts, history, and terrifying tales, as well as the weird, wild, and obscure in the Bayou City.

He said the scariest secret in town is on Elder Street between Houston Avenue and 45.

Plan on being creeped out at Elder Street studios, a working artist's loft, which used to be an old hospital, built on an old cemetery.

"Jefferson Davis Hospital was built on top of cemetery built in the 1840s. It contains tons of dead Confederate soldiers. And, there even have beenarchaeologists who say there have been some ancient pirates who have been buried there," said Powell.

Patterson Road in Northwest Harris County is supposedly the most haunted road in the Houston area, with rebel soldiers’ ghosts who might reach out and touch you.

"North Eldridge Parkway between that and Highway 6, and the rumor has it there are ghosts of Confederate soldiers out there at night," said Powell.

Paranormal occurrences might not be what you ordered at the oldest continuously operating business in Houston, La Carafe, which was built in 1847.

Another spooky spot is Donnellan Crypt, which is built into the banks of Buffalo Bayou.

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