Buzbee: Mayor's intern traveled all over the world on your dime

Mayor Sylvester Turner's chief rival in the upcoming election releases new information about that controversial intern.

Tony Buzbee tells KTRH that Marvin Agumagu was traveling all over the world on taxpayer money.

"This man was hired in November of 2018, and in less than a year, he's already spent 35 days traveling to Berlin, Manila, Los Angels, and other places around the country, on our nickel," Buzbee said.

Buzbee says he would institute a hiring freeze if he becomes mayor, with the exception of public safety professionals.

"That's with the exception of police and fire. We will end all perks. We are going to ask for every department head to resign and re-apply. We are also going to make it impossible to hire someone secretly like this intern," Buzbee explained.

A spokesman for the Mayor's campaign, according to a report, has called Buzbee's information today a "distraction."

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