Poll finds Americans are falling for the Dems’ “Medicare-for-All” plan

A poll finds Americans don't really understand "Medicare For All".

The Democrats are trying to dismantle the current healthcare system and replace it with the deceptive "Medicare For All".

Medicare uses the private-pay system as a support to give members (65 and older) the ability how to navigate the system to choose their own doctors and plans, funded by those who are younger being taxed. If everyone gets in on it, that's government-run healthcare with less doctors and more patients expecting care for no cost.

Harris County Republican Party chair Paul Simpson said if you vote for someone who supports this, it would mean bureaucrats would bemaking healthcare decisions.

"When people find out the facts, they obviously turn against it because they know it would just combine the efficiency of the post office with the customer care of the IRS," said Simpson.

He says “Medicare For All” is just a label for government-run healthcare to try and fool people.

GDP Advisors CEO and founder Seth Denson said “Medicare for All” is marketing over mechanics, when in reality, it's not Medicare At All.

He says be careful of free promises. That money has to come from somewhere.

"As it is structured today, what has been proposed by Democrats, would cost on average, based on those studies, roughly $3.4 trillion. That is the current taxable revenue to the federal government, 100 percent of them," said Denson. "A recent study shows that if you took 100 percent of every dollar earned over $200,000 in the United States, you can't pay for ‘Medicare For All’, as it's been proposed."

He said taxes would have to be doubled to pay for it.

"That money has to come from somewhere. It's going to come from the middle class. So, you want this? Get ready. Pull your pocketbook out," said Denson.

Bernie Sanders

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