Gen Z less equipped to be able to self-regulate texts and phone calls

Generation Z, those born after 1998, are less likely than their millennial counterparts to want to be "always reachable," according to a new survey, which could be a possible sign of tech fatigue.

Technology continues to develop ways to keep people on alert. Nowadays, every app can send a notification.

Park Cities Counseling Licensed Professional Counselor Elizabeth Scrivner said Gen Z never knew life without a smart phone.

"They don't know a world where someone had to knock on your door, or call you on the house phone, which could be busy. Remember those days?," said Scrivner.

She said Gen Z responds to SnapChat.

"It is a way to instantly connect with your grandchild, and they're not going to miss it, where they might miss a text or a call," said Scrivner.

She said if you really want to get through to a Gen Z, have them help you download SnapChat.

"Every time I hear that little buzz, which I know what it is, SnapChat, I feel like 97 percent of that age group is going to answer that SnapChat, or look at it," said Scrivner.

She said anyone who has a phone can have tech fatigue. Millennials who are just entering the workforce are trying to figure out boundaries whether to take a call or text, while Gen X and Baby Boomers might have an easier time self-regulating.

Scrivner added people need to learn to set expectations when enough is enough. No one has to immediately reply to every text, call and notification. Set boundaries when you are and are not available. It’s ok to take a break from technology and not feel guilty for not answering a text or call.

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