Democrats forget the history of the quid pro quo

First it was all Russia, all the time. Now the Democrats won;t stop using the words 'quid pro quo' as they try to take down President Trump.

There's only one problem with that, though. They forget American history, which National Tea Party co-founder Michael Johns says is full of quid pro quos in foreign policy.

"That's not unreasonable. We expect foreign governments that are going to be recipients of U.S. aid to be cooperating on Justice Department investigations, Johns explained.

Like in 1978, when Egypt made peace with Israel after we gave them billions of dollars. Johns says that's an inconvenient truth for the left.

"Democrats have shown almost no interest in really understanding the realities of what transpired here, or the rule of law," Johns said.

Or, that Joe Biden had his own quid pro going the Ukraine years ago.

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