There's a glut of bacon -- the most in 48 years

At the end of September more than 40 million pounds of pork bellies were sitting in refrigerated warehouses.

Texas A&M economist Dr. David Anderson says Texas is not one of the biggest pork producers.

"We do have some hog farms but the big producers of hogs in the U.S., in terms of states, are Iowa, North Carolina and the rest of the Corn Belt."

Dr. Anderson says there's no problem having excess pork in cold storage.

"With big supplies now and low prices you want to put it in storage now at a good price to sell out later on when prices are better."

Dr. Anderson says we've sent a lot of pork bellies to China and we will again when trade returns to normal. China is expected to import a ton of pork.

"We are sending large amounts of pork to China; it's really a growing market. Because of their hog disease issues it's really reduced their herds and they're importing more meat."

For now, too much bacon will just mean lower prices for American consumers.

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