If you think Democrats are happy with their 2020 choices, think again

If you think Democratic voters are happy with the choices they have been presented for 2020, think again.

Reports say they are not, especially the donor class. Matt Angle with the Lone Star Project understands.

"That's just the nature of Democrats. Wish for the perfect, and then argue the perfect against the good," Angle stated.

This has led to more Hillary Clinton speculation, which she isn't denying.

"Maybe there does need to be a rematch," she said earlier this month. "Obviously I can beat him again."

Laura Ingraham on Fox News says that might not be the best idea for Hillary.

"The only thing worse than losing once to Donald Trump would be losing twice to him, and that, too is a distinct possibility," Ingraham said.

And Angle says if Hillary is thinking about running, she really should think again.

"I think there is some sympathy, but for the most part our party has moved past Hillary," Angle told KTRH.

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