Hundreds of thousands of Americans adults are still carry college loan debt

Student debt is usually thought to be a problem for 20 and 30 somethings.

Reportedly, more than 222,000 Texans ages 60 and older had student loan debt to the tune of more than $15k.

Sugar Land private wealth advisor Derrick Kinney said students have a limit to how much they can borrow on school loans, but not adults--who can easily get over their heads quickly. The government will readily lend money for education, but not retirement.

Kinney said student debt is the worst kind, and people are in crisis mode.

"There's people that are paying off their past college, some that have returned to college and took on student debt, and some now paying for their kid's college and then there's some paying for all those scenarios at the same time," said Kinney.

He said more adults are getting buried in student debt and it's nearly impossible to dig themselves out.

"There's many debts that people can file bankruptcy for, they can get out of, but student debt is one of the hardest to do that," said Kinney.

He said the only option to get out of student debt is reduce your spending.

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