Anti-Trump Romney Now Media Darling

You've come a long way, Mitt Romney---in the eyes of the mainstream media. The recent news that Romney---2012 Republican presidential nominee and now U.S. Senator from Utah---has been using a fake Twitter account under the handle Pierre Delecto to attack President Trump, has drawn praise and respect from many in the mainstream media. Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz, appearing this week on Martha McCallum's show, pointed out the hypocrisy of journalists who once despised Romney now singing his praises. "He's more caustically anti-Trump in this fake account, and the press loves that," said Kurtz. "Now that he's anti-Trump -- remember how much maligned and mocked he was as the 2012 nominee? Now...strange new respect."

Romney has been a strong Trump critic for years, but now that he's in the U.S. Senate, he seems to have become the media's go-to soundbite for "even Republicans are against Trump" stories.

Brandon Morse, front page editor at Red State, says this is further evidence the liberal media will embrace anyone who helps further their agenda. "What it really boils down to is now you're're useful to them now so they like you," he tells KTRH. "But the moment you stop becoming useful again, trust me, they'll go right back to calling you a terrorist."

Romney isn't the first Republican to go from media punching bag to "respected statesman" status. Both John McCain and George H.W. Bush were once vilified but later received fawning press coverage as a means of attacking Trump. "Remember, they were labeling John McCain everything under the sun during his run against Obama (in 2008), including racist," says Morse. "Then, all of a sudden he became a Trump foe and boom...he's distinguished, he's honorable. This is typical behavior."

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