A Third of Outpatient Surgery Center Surgeons Not Board Certified


The doctor who is treating you at an outpatient surgery center might not be board certified.

90% of all doctors are board certified so we don't think about it often.

One third of surgeons at outpatient surgery centers aren't, according to a survey by Leapfrog Group. Health care expert Seth Denson says if you're concerned there are ways to check.

“Ask for a list ahead of time of the doctors that will be involved in the procedure, and once you have that list check their credentials,” he suggests.

Denson suggests using healthgrades.com.

This study by Leapfrog Group finds a third of anesthesiologists at outpatient surgery centers aren't board certified. It's not required. They're still state-licensed.

It's a choice they make, and a choice you make.

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