What will the left do if Trump wins re-election?

If you think the left has had a bad reaction to President Trump now, you may not have seen anything yet.

In fact, there are some who believe we could see violence. William L. Gensert with the American Thinker tells KTRH Antifa is a good example.

"They like to confront and they like to be violent with people who they feel are not on the same side as what they believe," Gensert said. "The left, after experiencing a three year tantrum, may very well get violent."

And, Gensert says the left will have a willing partner in the mainstream media only too happy to help.

"If you can't accept that he's a duly elected President, and you spent every effort in the last three years trying to depose him, are you just going to accept another term," Gensert asked.

There's also this. Politico took a look at what could happen with a second term of Trump and made wild predictions if things like authoritarianism.

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