Could Republicans lose control of the Senate?

If fundraising is a sign of how the election will go, the Senate might be in play for Democrats.

The National Journal says four Republican Senators were out-raised by Democrats in the third quarter. Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator says that doesn't mean much if the national GOP gives them the money they have.

"They could be vulnerable to whether or not the RNC is generous. That's always a problem because the RNC is always and forever stupid. I would say it's dangerous," Mackenzie explained.

So what happens if Democrats win the Senate and control both houses of Congress?

"Democrats will have no problem whatsoever miring Trump in just slop for four more years if they get the House and Senate," Mackenzie stated. "It will be a close thing. There's always a chance. This is a very volatile voting environment."

Right now the Republicans hold 53 seats in the Senate. And there are five races next year analysts say will be close.

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