Democrats Try, Can't Touch Trump Economy

Democratic presidential front runner Elizabeth Warren is telling voters that Trump's economy only benefits the wealthy, but most ordinary Americans disagree.

A recent Marist Poll shows the economy is "working well" for nearly two-thirds of Americans, across every generation and demographic.

“We have historically low unemployment among African-Americans, women, Hispanics and white voters as well,” says Brendan Steinhauser, a GOP strategist in Austin. “It's really been a booming economy and I think that is not the place where Democrats should be focused in 2020.”

Steinhauser says voters also are growing tired of the “we hate Trump” rhetoric used in the 2018 midterms.

“When they see those economic numbers and when they see so many people have jobs and well-paying jobs, it's going to be a harder sell for Democrats this time around.”

According to Marist, the only groups that disagreed with Trump's economy were progressives, Democratic women and those who consider themselves liberal or very liberal.

“If we can just stay focused on it, then we can go out and talk to voters about the public policies that everybody from the president on down to the backbenchers in Congress has supported,” says Steinhauser.

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