Nanny states are getting out of control with liberal ordinances

Minneapolis is the latest city to ban new fast-food drive-through windows being built. It follows in the footsteps of cities in Missouri, New Jersey and California.

Lawmakers claim the ban is an effort to curb emissions and obesity.

KPRC's Walton and Johnson co-host Ken Webster, Jr. said he's not buying it.

"The real reason why this happens is because bourgeoisie liberal ruling class types, the elitists, don't want to have to look at some single mom while she sits in a drive-thru waiting to get Chick-Fil-A in between her two jobs," said Webster.

Opponents argue it could push customers to use a delivery app making it worse for the environment.

"Which means, in the end, there's just as many people out there driving a car. We've solved no problem. All we've done is told people to take the car to a different place," said Webster.

Webster, host of Pursuit of Happiness radio on KPRC 950 AM, added this isn't about weight loss and it certainly isn't about climate change.

The ordinance often exempts existing drive-through windows from bans. And, customers can still go inside to get their order.

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