Hispanics Now Largest Minority Voting Bloc in U.S.

Roughly 32 million Hispanic-Americans will be eligible to vote in next year's presidential election, making them the largest minority voting bloc for the first time in our nation's history.

That's up nearly 20 percent since the 2016 election when two-thirds of Latino voters chose Hillary Clinton.It may seem like an impossible task for President Trump, but not according to Artemio Muniz at the Texas Federation of Hispanic Republicans.

"We've got to go full force. We've got to stop what happened in California from happening in Texas.It's a huge demographic and an opportunity to win more votes," says Muniz.

Political analyst Robert Gonzalez says older Latinos are about God and family.

"Hispanics in Texas who are working realize that the Democrats have nothing to offer," he says."More abortions.More regulations.More taxes.That doesn't sell in the Hispanic neighborhoods."

It's the younger generation, indoctrinated by our public schools, who Republicans need to focus on.

"If you can sell that family-oriented platform that will sell in the young Hispanic community" he says.

While an immigration compromise could ensure Trump's re-election, Democrats appear hell-bent on keeping it from happening.

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