DYK??? Tip at least 20% all of the time when going out to eat

An op ed in the Washington Post stated people should be tipping waiters 20 percent of the bill…no matter what!

Most people who eat out tip based on the quality of service they received.

Recent research found tipping is not about the quality of service at all, but the economy.

KTRH informally polled some Houstonians, who were very considerate.

“Sometimes, they don’t keep all of that. They have to tip out the back of the house, as well. …That $3 to me, might not make a difference, but to somebody else, that may make a lot of difference, especially if they’re sharing it with the other part of the restaurant.”

“I definitely tip thinking service. If they are based off of their age, or if they’re going to school, trying to provide a living for themselves, that goes into play, as well.”

“I feel like the tip should be reflective of the service provided.”

“The tip should be based on the service.”

“I think it’s sad that the wages have come to that, where the whole purpose for tipping should be as a sign of thanks or appreciation for extra job well done or extra service, not for someone doing their job.”

Many waiter's don't make minimum wage and a patron's tip is supplemental for their income.

“I’m tipping on service. But, I also look at the servers and the way they’re compensated, and I’m mindful of that.”

“Some of these servers don’t make a lot.”

The folks we polled said they usually tip around 20 percent of the bill.

The survey concludes that when Americans do not tip, it affects wages and the economy overall.

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