Trump returns to Texas today for Dallas rally

The President returns to Texas later today for a rally in Dallas.

Trump will be in Texas for the 12th time since he took office. He's raised millions here as well. Robin Armstrong with the R-N-C says this is not because the President thinks Texas is up for grabs.

"One thing that he is looking at is taking back the House of Representatives," Armstrong explained. "There's a big Congressional race in Dallas. Pete Sessions lost in 2018, and we want to get that seat back."

But that's the story the mainstream media is trying to sell you on. They say Texas is a swing state. Armstrong says the national GOP disagrees.

"Texas is not up for grabs. Trump is going to win Texas. We are going to make some headway in winning some Texas House seats back," Armstrong stated.

And while Trump is in Dallas, his supporters will rally in Washington this morning against impeachment; an event they are calling 'March for Trump.'

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