Texas Republicans: Democratic debate best weapon for Trump

One thing seemed clear from last night's debate. Donald Trump might have been the biggest winner.

There was very little talk about Hunter Biden. In fact, Joe Biden defended his son and said he was proud. There was a lot of talk about impeachment, gun control and government health care. In the end, Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas told KTRH Trump came out looking really good compared to the 12 Democrats on the debate stage."

"This was one of Donald Trump's best election tools. The debate showed just how leftists these Democrats are," Woodfill stated.

Charles Blain at Urban Reform said one thing was very clear; Elizabeth Warren had a target on her back.

"She is the new front runner. Everybody was aimed at her. I think she held her own pretty well," Blain said.

The next debate for the Democrats will be on November 20th in Georgia.

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