Senior citizens working well into retirement for money not love of work

Provision Living surveyed 1,000 seniors who are still employed about why they work, how often they work, and their fears about retirement.

A majority of senior citizens who still either work full-time or part-time recently surveyed said they do so out of necessity.

"About 62 percent is working because they have to—for financial reasons," said Digital Third Coast Outreach Manager Tricia Harte. "The number one purpose financial reasons was because they don't have enough money saved up for retirement.”

She said senior citizens said they work still because they didn't have enough money saved up for retirement.

"The goal of retirement savings is about $800,000 and we found that the people we surveyed only had about $133,000 saved," said Harte.

The average respondent estimates they'll retire at the age of 72.

The study found 45 percent work full-time, 55 percent work part-time and 33 percent experienced ageism in the workplace.

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