You're not paranoid if they really are watching you

Amazon admits workers in India and Romania are watching short videos uploaded to the cloud from your various Alexa-enabled devices.

Computer security expert Robert Siciliano says this is nothing new and people find out the hard way.

"We know that people have been filmed having sex in their homes, in their kitchens and so forth."

Gary Smith on Fox's Bulls and Bears told the panel Amazon has become what it said it wouldn't.

"They're data collecting monsters and they've all become stalkers. I shut down my Alexa; I felt like it was watching me. I put it in the closet; it's underneath a bunch of laundry and the laundry just sits there."

Siciliano says such video could come back to bite you when you least expect it.

"Anything that's digitized, with you, me, could be sent out and end up in a potential employer's hand or even in a government agency's or a potential spouse that could potentially do some damage."

Siciliano says he doesn't personally worry much about this; he doesn't allow cameras in his bedroom or his children's rooms. He says make sure you read the fine print in the documentation that comes with your Amazon devices.

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