Liberal Judges block 'game changing' Trump move on immigration

President Trump recently made a move on legal immigration that some are calling a game changer. But then liberal courts got a hold of it, and blocked the administration from enacting the new policy.

The President signed a proclamation saying that immigrants who don't have health insurance and can't afford to pay medical care costs won't be able to move here permanently. Former immigration judge Mark Metcalf says it's the right move, and that the judges in New York and California are wrong.

"Immigration is intended to assist the United States. We don't have immigration for immigration's safe," Metcalf stated.

Of course, those on the left are crying foul, and Metcalf says there's a reason for that.

"They are trying to alter the demographics of the United States by bringing in people who cannot afford to be here, believing that in time those people will become voters," Metcalf explained.

With this move, the estimates are that the President, who has been against chain migration, might have cut legal immigration by as much as 65%. The ruling on Friday was one of five that went against the Trump White House on issues related to the border


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