More trouble for the 737 Max could lead to higher travel prices

Boeing's troubled 737 Max jets have been removed from American Airlines' schedule for six weeks longer than expected and that could mean cancellations and higher flight costs for the holidays.

Woodlake Travel's Sheilah Benoit says don't wait til the last minute to book your flight.

"The best thing you can do is plan early, keep an eye on everything you've got booked, get to the airport early and pack your patience, like we always say, because things will change."

Benoit says if you have to change planes it'll probably affect seat assignments; and fewer planes could mean fewer flights, which would likely raise prices.

Benoit says plan early and stay on top of your booking at the airline web site.

"If there's a change of equipment (plane) that could mean a change of seat assignments, they always want to be proactive. Watch your reservations, see if all of a sudden your seats need to be reassigned and just, really, keep an eye on your booking."

Benoit says if you plan early you're less likely to get an ugly surprise.

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