Durham investigation expands (but the mainstream media didn't tell you)

The investigation into the origins of the Trump campaign surveillance has expanded, but the mainstream media has decided to ignore it.

U.S. Attorney John Durham is now looking at a timeline that was bigger than we previously thought. Republican strategist Luke Macias tells KTRH Democrats should be very worried about what Durham finds out.

"They are concerned about this and lucky the mainstream media is ignoring the issue. It's a legitimate investigation," Macias stated.

But as he just mentioned; the mainstream media didn't tell you about the expansion of this investigation. Macias says he's not surprised, and neither are you.

"People do not trust the traditional mainstream media to actually look at both sides of the issue and report the facts anymore," Macias explained.

Which is also why you haven't heard that one intelligence community official Henry Kyle Frese, was charged with two counts of leaking classified information to reporters.

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