We haven't seen illegal immigration numbers like this in 12 years

Democrats are talking about impeachment and have said nothing for months about the crisis at the border. That's probably a good thing for their political futures, and bad for the rest of us.

In fiscal 2019, the Washington Examiner says we arrested 851 thousand migrants, the most in 12 years. Bob Price at Breitbart tells KTRH this is on Congress for not fixing the Trafficking Victims Re-authorization Act.

"That combined with the Flores decision created the huge, huge flood of illegal immigration across the border this year," Price said.

That flood is mostly due to families trying to cross the border.

"That's where you have one adult and one child. That's what's creating this massive problem. Detention facilities are not designed or engineered for processing families," Price explained.

The number went from 80 thousand in 2016 to 450 thousand now. But there is one bit of positive news. We saw 132 thousand arrests made in May. That dropped to 40 thousand in September. This was after President Trump pressured Mexico into controlling their border.


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