Conservatism isn't respected the way it used to be, especially in Hollywood

If you turn on your television, you see that conservatism is treated much differently than it used to be.

The whole idea of conservatism is made fun of. Parents aren't treated like parents but like peers. Fathers are made to look like idiots. Jeffrey Lord with Fox News told KTRH it's because of who is in Hollywood today.

"You've got a lot of liberals in the entertainment world. It;s the people who star in these shows, the people that write them, and the people that produce them," Lord explained.

Lord says this has been going on since the 1960's, and adds that it continues today with the way or kids are educated, especially in colleges.

"Colleges are becoming nothing more than indoctrination camps, and I think there is some concern about that," Lord stated.

And religion gets the same treatment from the left. Being Muslim is praised by liberals, but being Christian is not. Lord calls what we are seeing a culture war.

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