Thousands paying their respects to slain Harris Co Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal

The community--family, friends, co-workers and even people came from around the world to the Berry Center to attend the funeral of Harris County Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal who was killed in the line of duty last Friday.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says Dhaliwal was an exceptional man.

"He did more in 42 years than some people will do in an entire lifetime, with many more years of life," said Gonzalez. "Let it be something that everyone can reflect on. I know I have. To see how we can be better men and women, how we can be better leaders, better community leaders."

He said people need to reflect on how they can be better people, with Dhaliwal as an example

"People follow Sandeep Dhaliwal because he led from the heart. And, I hope that that's something that we can impart, that he helped the community," said Gonzalez. "He taught us about tolerance. He taught us about acceptance. He taught us about love. He taught us about how to be a visionary. And, so let's reflect and see how we can be a better version of ourselves going forward."

The Sikh portion of the funeral is nearly over.

The law enforcement portion of the funeral will start at 11:30.

After the funeral, the Harris County Sheriff's Office will include a 21-gun salute as a final goodbye.

Dhaliwal's body will be cremated.

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