Casual Dress Workplace or $5 Grand?

Casual Dress at Work - It's not just for Fridays anymore.

Randstad North America says a third of people they surveyed would choose an informal dress code to a $5,000 raise in salary. It's that serious! Daren Martin,PhD, CEO of Company Culture Association says, “We’re moving into a time where people just dress more casually when they go to work. For most sectors, I think that’s fine.” So...What's not OK? "What’s too casual is if you look frumpy, disheveled, unkempt,” says Dr. Martin.

Almost all employers are happy with that...just as long as you dress appropriately for sales calls or client meetings. Dr. Martin agrees, “Generally the rule is you want to dress to impress if you want people to buy something from you or do business with you.”

Two interesting tidbits: 1) Most people say they wear professional attire only from the waist up if they have a video meeting! 2) this only works after you get the job. Most interviewers say they would rather hire someone who was late to the interview than someone casually dressed.

4 Fashion Statements that NEVER Belong in the Workplace.

1.Ripped Jeans


3.Workout Wear or Leggings

4.REALLY high heels

Happy casual coworkers in the office

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