Poll: Most Oppose Free Healthcare for Illegals

Democratic presidential candidates pushing so-called "Medicare for all" and free healthcare for illegal immigrants are facing a tough sell, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey of registered voters. Among 12 policy proposals of 2020 Democrat candidates, the survey finds "providing government-sponsored health care to undocumented immigrants" was the least popular among all voters, with 62% against it. Just 36% were in favor, including 64% of Democratic voters.

The unpopularity of government healthcare for illegals mirrors the overall unpopularity of nationalized healthcare, according to Robert Charles, former assistant U.S. Secretary of State. "The cost number tied to Medicare for all is north of 20 trillion dollars...the average American knows there is no room for this," he tells KTRH. "The last thing in the world (voters) want is Soviet-style medicine around the block waiting for poor quality, so that's what I think that poll reveals."

Charles expects Democrats to have an uphill climb trying to sell Medicare for all, whether it includes illegal aliens or not. "I've read the statute in both chambers, and it would throw literally 180 million Americans off their medical care," he says. "It makes private healthcare provided by employers illegal."

In a recent Democratic debate, all 10 candidates on stage said their plan would provide government healthcare for illegal aliens. Charles believes policies like that will only make Dems' job tougher in 2020. "When you are promising something that is as poorly conceived, poor quality, and expensive as this, I think most Americans are saying forget it," he says.

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