EXCLUSIVE: Brady to KTRH: Dems don't care what you think about impeachment

It was no surprise when Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially announced an impeachment inquiry was being opened up following a whistleblower's accusation that President Trump pressured Ukraine into looking at Joe Biden's activities. And it's no surprise that Republicans are critical of this decision.

Woodlands area Congressman Kevin Brady, in an exclusive interview this morning, told Houston's Morning News they expected Pelosi to do this.

"This is no surprise. Democrats have never accepted that this President won the election," Brady stated.

Brady added that the Democrats have ignored what polls have said for months about the idea of impeachment.

"Even though the public doesn't support impeachment, the Democrats' message yesterday was that you don't matter. We'll see where this goes from here," Brady explained.

Brady also thinks the Democrats would rather try to impeach Trump than do the work of the people.

"Their hatred for this President is far more important than working together to solve real problems like high health care costs, immigration, and border issues," Brady told Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer.

President Trump has repeatedly said his call with the Ukrainian leader was appropriate, adding that he will release a transcript of that call today.

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