CNN isn't a fan of prayer

The mainstream media isn't a big fan of religion, and now CNN is taking that to a new, low level.

CNN wants you to keep your 'thoughts and prayers to yourself.' They are using a University of Wyoming study that said some atheists would pay to avoid having prayers sent their way. Jonathan Saenz at Texas Values CNN doesn't understand what 'thoughts and prayers' really are.

"It's out of the kindness of their hearts that they offer thoughts and prayers. They can't reach them any other way. I realize we live in a diverse society, but I think this has gone a little too far," Saenz explained.

The country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs that Saenz says we need to get back to.

"That's what makes us exceptional as a country. It's what makes us unique, and allows us to connect and be united and makes our country great. I hope we don't see less prayer in our country," Saenz said.

But this is 2019 and people are openly hostile to religion; with anti-Christian messages branded onto three churches in the Dallas area.

fingers of afro man in prayer

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