How low can Supreme Court confirmation hearings go?

Democrats are still in the midst of trying to discredit Justice Brett Kavanaugh and some wonder if this is the lowest we'll go in attacking a nominee. But the Judicial Crisis Network thinks confirmation hearings are only going to get worse.

Carrie Severino is the network's chief counsel. She told a Heritage Foundation panel what's happening to Justice Kavanaugh is just a continuation of what we've seen since the 80s.

"I always stopped short of saying what I wanted to say rhetorically which is 'this is going to be the worst confirmation process ever' because I thought, no, Thomas' was the worst confirmation process ever and I think, unfortunately, we've reached a new low."

Severino says judges get nominated because they have a reputation.

"If you had justices who were behaving more like trying to have an objective approach to law rather than having judicial philosophies that almost invite one's own personal philosophy in, you wouldn't have to have this process."

Severino says these confirmation smear campaigns are bad for the country and an attorney for Justice Kavanaugh's primary accuser admitted it was a smear campaign.

"She said 'we wanted to put an asterisk next to his name,' so there's this now continued campaign of 'how can we affect this long-term legacy of a justice by trying to smear them in the confirmation process?' That's really bad for our country."

Severino says the smear campaigns began with Judge Robert Bork in the 80s, but now it's getting worse every time.

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