Texas Right to Life wants Special Session to pass Lone Star Agenda

Some conservative folks are finding the spring's legislative session a failure because there were no bills passed that stop abortion and are urging the governor to convene a Special Session.

The "Lone Star Agenda" contains various conservative and pro-life policies for the Texas Legislature to pass to help inspire Republican voters.

Texas Right to Life legislative and political associate Rebecca Parma said it could affect the 2020 election.

"The abysmal results from this Spring, left us with a purple session, where most of the conservative priorities were either ignored or outright killed. That is not going to motivate conservative voters to get out and vote in 2020 and help keep Texas red," said Parma.

She said a Special Session is a chance for legislators to protect unborn Texans.

"We didn't pass any bills that stop abortion and that's unacceptable for a pro-life state led by pro-life leaders, such as Texas," said Parma.

The pro-life group said Texas must pass the Texas Abolition Strategy to take an unprecedented stand for life and invigorate the Republican base.

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