Texas Republican airs concern about losing state to Democrats

It's not just a mainstream media talking point. A Texas Republican is worried the GOP is losing the Lone Star State.

Joshua Foxworth is running for Congress next year and says the GOP is losing its grip on the state because of changing demographics.

"The children of immigrants are coming of age. They are able to vote," Foxworth said, implying those children would not be voting for Republicans.

Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey told KTRH Texans understand what's at stake next year.

"The good news is that Texans are stepping up by the tend of thousands to make sure we do not lose Texas," Dickey explained, adding that he is going outside of Texas to raise money for the election, a move the Democrats used in 2018.

But, Foxworth says there is more that needs to happen.

"You have to take a hard look at our legal immigration policy, like Trump has promised to do. Get rid of the lottery system; get rid of the family system. They have to go away, and then those numbers will work themselves out to be perfectly honest," he explained.

Foxworth is running for the seat currently held by Randy Weber for the district that includes Galveston.

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