Trump expected to announce gun legislation this week

President Trump is expected to announce some form of gun rights legislation this week, but exactly what he is announcing is still a question mark.

Political analyst and attorney Michele Maples tells KTRH that it will apparently be some sort of background check bill that deals with private sales in addition to other kinds of sales.

"That means a transfer between friends, families or transfers through websites," Maples explained.

Maples says if that is what the President proposes, it won't go over well with the NRA or other gun rights groups. So how does the President walk the line between safety and upholding the Second Amendment?

"Address mental health,but don't turn law abiding citizens with one fell swoop. That's probably not going to work anyway," Maples stated.

As for whether or not this legislation would impact the election, Maples says it won't, because people have already made up their minds.

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