New poll: Trump beats Democrat challengers in 2020

The mainstream media isn't talking about the results of a new poll, and it's probably because it doesn't help the narrative they have been pushing.

That poll showing that 46 percent of the people they asked felt President Trump would win a second term, with just 37% saying a Democrat would win next year. Charles Blain with Urban Reform told KTRH he's not surprised.

"This is the first time we are seeing substantive data pointing us to the fact that Americans are confident in the way this country is headed," Blain stated.

And it's the first poll even showing Trump winning re-election. But Blain says the mainstream media will bury it.

"What they will try to do is downplay the polls, ignore them, or continue to talk about which candidate will be the best to take on Trump," Blain explained.

The PBS/Marist research also showed 49% of independents thought Trump would win next year, and that only 32% of independents predicted a Trump loss in 2020.

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