Media's war against Trump leaves Democrats out in the cold

The mainstream media has pitted themselves against President Trump, but their own coverage may just be helping him.

The Media Research Center says that between June and the end of August they gave the President four times more coverage than the Democrats running for President. Political strategist Luke Macias tells KTRH the last thing they have been is objective.

"They have positioned themselves as team players on the side of the Democratic Party," Macias explained. "It's really clear to the American people, and it's why there is distrust with the media nationwide."

Macias says the negative coverage could lead you to vote for Trump, the exact opposite of what the media wants.

"They are the ones pushing people away because they are tired of having a left wing agenda shoved down their throats by someone that is supposed to be neutral," Macias stated.

According to the Media Research Center, Trump got more than 800 minutes of network news airtime. Democratic front runner Joe Biden got less than 75.

hannity destroy-trump media frenzy

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