Media bad-mouths the economy like it did in 1992

Here's some non-fake news: the economy is not close to a recession.

Just like in 1992 with #41, former President Bush, the mainstream media can’t stop with the sky is falling economy rhetoric.

Liberal reporters are failing to cover President Trump's economic wins.

NewsBusters’ managing editor Curtis Houck said the media has a responsibility to promote the facts and not engage in fear-mongering.

"If the news media also then ignore things like positive economic growth, they ignore the unemployment rate, they ignore jobs numbers, they ignore wage growth, or they downplay all those things, eventually people are going to think it's true," said Houck.

He said people in the media, like Bill Maher are openly rooting for a recession to get rid of President Trump.

"The media will try to make it seem like the economy is in a ditch, or headed into a ditch. And, the only way that can be prevented or stopped or turned around, is if Donald Trump was defeated," said Houck.

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