The concert prices are too damn high

Almost all of the pop stars are democrats who insist the economy is a disaster -- and yet they charge hundreds of dollars for tickets. Concert ticket prices have quadrupled in the past twenty years, with no end in sight.

Why do they keep raising prices? Because we keep paying.

"There's nothing like seeing Springsteen live; watching a video or listening to a concert doesn't do the actual experience justice."

Where will it end? Texas Tech pop culture Professor Rob Weiner says he hopes the average doesn't reach a grand any time soon.

"Oh my gosh, I hope not. $1,000 per ticket would be horrible; I certainly wouldn't pay that for any band."

It's a hundred bucks to see a pop star like Pink and superstars like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift charge a ton more. Professor Weiner says some of these prices seem hard to justify.

"They are making a lot of money, I suppose, but it does cost a lot to put on an elaborate show, but does it cost $400 per ticket? You know, I don't know."

Bottom line, if we keep paying it they'll keep charging it.

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