What goes around comes around; liberal media gets dose of its own medicine

The liberal media put a lot of time and energy into finding anything controversial against anyone who supports President Trump.

Now that several liberal rag writers are being exposed, they aren't liking it too much.

For America President David Bozzell said for the past couple of decades, the pendulum has swung and now everyone's a journalist.

"This is the hubris of the Left Wing media. 'How dare anyone look into the possible motivations of the "reporter" and perhaps their past and their biases?' They don't want any sort of light shone on these things," said Bozzell.

He said it's not just the elected officials in office who are a target, but anyone who might be supportive of a Conservative politician, especially the president.

"Even going back to the first Bush administration, where the Left has so run out of quality policy prescriptions, their main tactic nowadays is character assassination," said Bozzell.

He said anyone who is supportive of the president, is a target of the Left Wing media.

hannity liberal media on brink of collapse

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