Most of you don't have a high opinion of Democrats

The mainstream media won't talk about the results of a new poll that they might just have a stake in.

More than half of Americans, 52%, told the Pew Research Center they have an "unfavorable" view of the Democratic Party. Political analyst George Seay told KTRH he has a hunch as to why that is.

"The negative approval ratings are due to the extremity in the Democratic Party," Seay explained. "They've gone completely loopy left."

But yet, the mainstream media hasn't mentioned this poll at all. Seay says that's because the results would embarrass them.

"One good thing that President Trump did is out the mainstream media. It's not mainstream. It's far left. It's extreme and it's heavily biased. They don't even pretend to be objective anymore," Seay explained.

A year ago, the same poll shows 53% of Americans said their opinion of Democrats was "favorable."


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