DHS catches and releases staggering number of illegal immigrants

Even with the Trump administration taking the most action to stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States, by enacting the Remain in Mexico policy, the Department of Homeland Security has made significant cuts to the catch and release program since the Spring.

However, nearly 130 illegal immigrants are released into the US every day.

It's estimated that anywhere between 11 million and 22 million illegal aliens live in the US in states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

Garrad County attorney Mark Metcalf said Congress has refused to enact simple basic remedies into policy.

"Congress has refused to authorize more beds to place illegals in, and so we're unable to hold the people that we presently have," said Metcalf.

He said Congress is endangering US citizens every day.

"Congress has refused the kinds of remedies that would enable our enforcement, that includes Customs and Border Patrol, as well as ICE, to do their job," said Metcalf.

He said since the 90s, the failure to appear in court rate has grown from 37 percent to an estimated more than 50 percent this year. Last year it was 44 percent. In the 90s, the dynamics were the same, but flow was less. The illegals were predominantly Mexicans from areas like Veracruz. Nowadays, it's various nationalities from Africa, China and Central Americans.

He added it's disheartening that an immigration judge can issue an order of removal from the US, and it might never be enforced.

"The courts are toothless," said Metcalf.

That was the dynamic, back in the 20s and 30s when immigration judges and officers were first allowed to decide who would remain in the United States.

"We formed a lot of processes into the immigration courts, but we never gave the judges the authorities to say to ICE, 'remove this person now', because we provide an appellate route," said Metcalf.

He said even after all the appeals are exhausted, people are still not removed.

Metcalf added according to a 2003 Department of Justice study, the removal rate of illegals showed no more than three percent overall.

"The Obama administration did a very poor job of defending the border. The rule was, pretty much, if you got past the border, got past the first 100 miles, you're pretty much home free," said Metcalf.

He added the left doesn't care about people, they just want your vote and believe illegals will identify with them--even if the illegals are criminals.

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