If you're a Trump supporter the left will shame you publicly

If the left finds out that you support President Trump they have shown that they will publicly shame you for it.

We are talking boycotts. We are talking doxxing. We are talking about smearing your name on social media. And recently Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro Tweeted out a list of Trump supporters, and their employers. Political analyst Chris Begala says it's scary.

"This is outrageous. It is fascist. It is communism. It's dictatorial," Begala said.

And Begala adds that it's going to get worse before next year's election. And he says it's also hypocritical of the left.

"They are totally intolerant. Yet one of their foundational beliefs is that they are tolerant, and that those on the right are terrible," Begala explained.

Wayne Harwell, one of the people outed by Castro in his Tweet, told KTRH in an email that he contributed to Trump and Democrats over the years. But that because of what's happened he would no longer donate to any Democrat.

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