Feds Want Personal Data of Popular Gun Scope App Users

The federal government is demanding Apple and Google hand over the names of some 10,000 users of a popular gun scope app.

The app is called Obsidian 4, and the feds are worried someone is violating what's called ITAR -- or International Traffic in Arms Regulation.

“Department of Justice is concerned that someone, not the maker who makes these thermal and night image scopes, has been sending the scopes out of the country,” Dan Zimmerman at The Truth About Guns.

“The DOJ has demanded from Apple and Google, the user information for everyone who has downloaded this Obsidian 4 app. That includes people within the United States.”

Zimmerman expects Apple and Google will push back at the government's demands.

“People are going to be less likely to want to buy apps from Google and Apple if they know that at some point the government can come along and get all of their user data,” he says.

Others warn the government could apply the same demand to dating and health apps.

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