Cruz, Milano set to debate gun safety today

Hollywood takes on Washington, D.C. later today when Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a gun safety debate with actress/activist Alyssa Milano.

This meeting is happening after a back and forth between the two over Twitter, and Senator Cruz told TMZ he thinks the actress/activist was thrown off her game when he accepted the chance to talk.

"She said she wanted to sit down and talk about how to solve these problems. I think she didn't imagine there was any world in which I would say yes," Cruz said in the video you can watch below.

Political analyst and attorney Michele Maples tells KTRH that while Milano doesn't have facts on her side.

"I think her arguments are all rooted in emotions. They are not rooted in any facts or reality," Maples stated.

As a result, she says Cruz has the upper hand.

"I see her likely leaving the debate with her tail tucked between her legs," Maples explained, adding that she also expects Milano's Hollywood friends to rally around her and call her a hero.

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