Abbott in a tough spot when it comes to gun safety debate

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is facing pressure both sides when it comes to the issue of gun safety after El Paso and Odessa.

Republicans don't want more gun control. Democrats want new laws and a special session. Political consultant Bill Miller says Abbott is caught between a rock and a hard place.

"His every move or not will be closely scrutinized and closely criticized by one side or the other," Miller said.

Rachel Malone, the Texas Director for Gun Owners of America, told KTRH Abbott shouldn't feel like he's in a tough spot at all.

"That should be an easy choice. He should know to stand up strongly for the right to keep and bear arms," Malone said.

So what does Miller think will happen when it's all said and done?

"The commission makes studies, recommendations and then that gets turned into legislation which gets adopted next session. But, that could all change with another event," Miller explained.

Abbott did Tweet earlier this week that he supports "expedited executions" for mass shooters, and that it was something the legislature would work on.


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