Texas files suit against Johnson and Johnson over opioid claims

Texas is taking drugmaker Johnson and Johnson to court.

Attorney General Ken Paxton announced a civil Medicaid fraud suit today over claims the company made about its brand of fentanyl to the state.

The suit claims that J&J sales reps said their brand of fentanyl had fewer side effects, worked better, and was less addictive than other opioids. The FDA said those claims were false and misleading.

“Every day, Texans are coping with the unimaginable consequences of opioid addiction. Like other opioid manufacturers, Johnson & Johnson misled the State of Texas and the entire medical profession about the danger of these drugs in order to turn the greatest profit,” Paxton said. “In this case, Johnson & Johnson not only defrauded Texas taxpayers and diverted precious healthcare dollars from Texans in need, they contributed to the opioid crisis that has destroyed the lives of an untold number of Texas families.”

You can read the claim made by the AG's office here.

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