The mainstream media reports daily that tariffs are killing the economy

Liberals want to pull the rug out from President Trump getting re-elected by falsely reporting the economy is going into a recession.

Federal law expert Byron Henry said the media can effect consumer confidence and create a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to negatively reporting any slowing of the economy.

"It seems like they're actually rooting for economic problems because they have this idea in their head that President Trump probably can't get re-elected, but if he does get re-elected, the only reason will be because the economy is so strong," said Henry.

But, the liberal media could eventually have a negative effect on the U.S. economy, which is consumer-driven, which effects the markets, which effects the Feds.

"It can come all the way around if people stop saving, stop spending...people start getting worried, worried about their jobs, worried about raises, worried about spending money on big purchases," said Henry.

He said every time there is a jobs report, manufacturing report, income report, as well as imports and exports report, it's all very positive.

Certified Investment Management Analyst Spencer McGowan said GDP growth came in the first quarter at three percent. Last quarter two percent. This quarter expected about 2.5," said McGowan.

"The numbers aren't here yet to prove recession,” said McGowan.

He said in terms of Houston jobs, the Shell revolution is probably the most exciting development that's positive.

"But, also U.S. energy independence this year, this should be all over the media because money's not flowing out the door, it's flowing into Gulf infrastructure, specifically Houston," said McGowan.

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