Dan Patrick to NRA: Get behind Trump on gun sales between strangers

As more details come out about the Odessa shooter, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has a message for the NRA when it comes to private gun sales between strangers.

That message, as Patrick told Fox News over the weekend, is to support President Trump on this issue.

Patrick said, “I believe, as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, we should protect that family transfer or family sale. But any stranger-to-stranger, however — we don’t know how this person got their gun, but we do know that that’s a real loophole in the law, and I think the NRA needs to get behind the president on that issue and really address that issue. Because I’m a gun owner, I’m never going to sell my gun to someone I don’t know that — do they have a criminal record, are they a danger to other people, are they ready to commit evil? There’s no need for that.”

In the meantime, Governor Greg Abbott Tweeted that the Odessa shooter failed a background check, and that they are working on legislation.

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