2020 Democrats don't hide it; they want what you earned

The Democrats running for President aren't even trying to hide it. They want what you have worked hard for. They want your money.

The best example of this is Elizabeth Warren and her wealth tax.

"For decades now rich people have gone to Washington wanting to tilt the playing field," Warren told MSNBC.

Democrats want to tax wealth instead of just salaries and the income assets generate. Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review says this is typical.

"We have record deficits, government spending and revenue, and it's not enough," Polland stated.

But he also says these things never go according to plan.

"What we find happening when they pass more of these revenue plans that are only supposed to hit the rich is that there are loopholes that people can get out of it," Polland explained.

And then there is the hypocrisy. Bernie Sanders rails against millionaires but is actually one himself.

"I plead guilty to have written a book that was an international best seller," Sanders said at a town hall earlier this year.

And then there is former President Obama, who became rich enough himself to buy a $15 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard.

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